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Problem Entertainment

Problem Entertainment is an independent Canadian multimedia entertainment company founded in 2007 as Joseph James Pictures by Shawn Martin. The company produces and distributes media of various types, including film, music and books under several of its brand names.


Entertainment Groups

  • Problem Entertainment Pictures Group

    Problem Entertainment Pictures Group (PEPG) is the film and television production group of Problem Entertainment for film and television productions and releases for DVD, digital download and the internet. PEPG has two production labels - Joseph James Pictures, the secondary production company which various films will be produced under; and Problem Entertainment, the primary production company which also serves as the distributor for all motion projects.

  • Joseph James Music Group

    Joseph James Music Group (JJMG) is the music production arm of Joseph James Entertainment for albums and single releases on CD, music download and various other formats. JJMG has three labels - Joseph James Records, which also serves as the distributor for the other labels and is what the company goes by for all music related content; Unbreakable Recordings, a label that focuses mainly on harder music genres as well as rap and hip-hop; and SR71 Records, a label with a strong focus on indpendent and alternative rock.

  • Solar Red Publishing Group

    Solar Red Publishing Group (SRPG) is the publishing arm of Problem Entertainment dealing with numerous types of publications. SRPG deals with book publishing, music publishing, appearal, app development as well as any other publishing media. SRPG has several subsidaries - Solar Red Publishing, which publishes lyrics and music and also serves as the distributor for the other labels; Dark Dungeon Books, a specialty publisher for books in the horror, crime and thriller genres; Solar Red Photography, which deals with digital photography and editing; and Solar Red Clothing - an apperal clothing line.


  • Joseph James Pictures
  • Joseph James Records
  • Unbreakable Recordings
  • Cavendish Records
  • Solar Red Publishing
  • Solar Red Photography
  • Solar Red Clothing
  • Dark Dungeon Books