Solar Red Publishing Group

Solar Red Publishing

Solar Red Publishing

Solar Red Publishing is the print and publication brand of that deals with print in paperback, hardcover and digital for various types of books as well as development of mobile apps and music publishing.


Dark Dungeon Books

Dark Dungeon Books

Dark Dungeon books is a publishing arm with a strong focus on novels in the crime, horror and mystery genres. It was founded in 2016.

Solar Red Photography

Solar Red Photography

Solar Red Photography is a digital photography outlet located in Prince Edward Island, Canada founded in March 2016.



  • Cold Hard Cash Cold Hard Cash

    After planning a New Year's party, five teenagers decide to take a short cut through the woods where they stumble upon a briefcase containing $10, 000 buried in the snow.

  • Crimson Zero Crimson Zero

    Burdened by a traumatic past, and after serving time in a military prison for a dishonourable crime, former Canadian Army recon officer Burke is given a second chance to redeem himself by Canada's counter-intelligence apparatus in Ottawa.

  • Life's Only Word Life's Only Word

    When his father returns after 15 years, Dylan's life dramatically changes as he now has a sister that he has never knew about and his father is as much of a deadbeat as they come. On top of that, he must deal with his own lingering issues.